Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enjoyed Kerala's Monsoon

I was back in Delhi on 6th June. Here I'm busy now completing the visa procedures. If everything goes fine I'll leave for Perugia on 29th of this month. Going through the entire process was a bit tiresome and boring. We don't really gain anything; and to spend days and weeks for completing the formalities of a 'two months' scholarship' is not advisable for someone who is of my age. In short the scholarship is not worth the labour we invest in it.

My stay at home was really memorable. Kerala had an early monsoon this time and I enjoyed a 4-day long continuos rain when I was at home. Later on rain vanished completely from the region and temperature shot up. I was really lucky to be at home at the appropriate time.

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Anonymous said...

So now you are in Italy or what?

How is your life