Monday, January 08, 2007

Football – My favorite spot

I am proud to say that I love football, a game loved by majority of the populationin the world. I regularly watch the football matches in ESPN and TenSports. Playedin ninety minutes, football has a very unique feature of allotment of extra time andtie-breaker if no team wins in the prescribed time. Different teams across the worldresort to their unique and indigenously developed strategies in this game. While Brazilians form a group of four players when they attack the enemy post giving animpression of an advancing wave to the spectators, Italians play a defensive gametill the seventy fifth minute. Mid-fielders in any team are usually the play makers.Famous names in the football world, Pele, Maradona, Baggio etc. were mid-fielderswho gave some crucial passes to the Strikers and helped them score magnificent goalsfor their team. However, despite the joy and pleasure offered by this game to itsspectators, football players do not hesitate to go violent in their goal attempts.

Ecotourism in India

Ecotourism in India is a long cherished dream which is still to be realized fully.One needs just to look at the pollution level of various tourist spots in order torealize the importance of implementing Ecotourism in this sub-continent. Despite therich cultural, geographic and art heritage that India holds, we are unable to makeuse of it to the maximum for lack of proper planning and vision. Ecotourism in Indiawill not reduce the number of tourists coming to a particular tourist spot. But onthe other hand it will sustain the resources of a region for the future generationsas well. Ecotourism can be successfully experimented in nature tourism in thebeginning and later on the concept can be extended to heritage, cultural andmonumental tourist spots in the country.

The Impact of Internet on our lives

The impact of internet on our daily lives.Before discussing this particular topic one has to define the most important part ofthis sentence ‘our’. Internet in India has not still penetrated to the ruralpopulation and for that reason the impact of internet in cities will be more whencompared to its impact on the rural population. Let’s make our discussion based on asample population in the cities who use internet at least 5 hours a week. With theadvent of internet newspapers, print newspapers have lost their status of beingproviders of timely news. An internet newspaper gets updated every half hour whichhelps its subscribers become highly up to date in current affairs. This would be themost important effect of internet on our day to day lives: we have become more up todate on current affairs. The second effect would be an increase in informationsharing. Free information, authentic and unauthentic, is available in the internetin such an extent that one is bombarded with information overload everyday. Inshort, internet has brought in a sea change in the knowledge scenario of humankind.

Proper names

Hi all,
This is a response to the article "Equally you" which you can read in this page.

Hi Mr. ..........G. ......,
I have read your art-tickle. I liked it in the first place. I think nothing can be as disastrous, to take a leaf from your notebook, as the experience of being chased by the fathers' ghost. Hamlet is chased by the scrupulous ghost of his father and met with no lesser fate than death. The most deleterious combination that could lead a parturition of a miserable individual is the metaphoric 'father,son and the holy ghost'. That
can be one of the reasons why people desert churches these days! I plead you, thus, to free your father from being crammed between two nouns in your name - ......... and ....... Let Mr.G. go back to places he is interested in- why take him to your sad caverns of philosophy? If you say that the 'G....' of your name represents something else, i will be interested to know what. I am sure not the smell of a footbal player, an H.S. teacher, but something or nothing at all 'verum veruthe'.

I think of a more dreaded scene one might face at any time in one's life.think of somebody coming to you from some dark corner of your city or from a cinema hall,telling you that he is your father's youth, claiming that he had been to all these places and had undergone all these phases:"Nambarirakkalle poore njanithokke ethra kandatha, njan thannayado than ho ho ho" (don't play your number here, you asshole. You are me myself, my boy, ho ho ho) . You feel like pulling him to the corner(as you seemed to have done in the former case) you raise your hands to gift him with a nice slap.Unfortunately you end up saying : "nanni pithaji ellam thankalude kripaanugrahangal thanne" (thanks my dear father. all is your blessing). You don't stop there you bend a little bit and manage to touch his feet showing a typical Indian reverence. This activity achieves perfection when you have a feel of blessedness which promotes you to chant:matha pitha gurur daivam...
Think all these Mr. ..... G. ..... May god bless you too.

Namasthubyam (all the best),