Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life at Perugia

Perugia, a city 220 kms away from Rome. Perugia is the "capoluogo" (like district headquarters) of Umbria, one of the 20 regions of Italy. I am here for pursuing a three months course in Italian Language and Culture in University of Foreigners, Perugia-Italy. Enrolled for the course on 3rd July. This is an intermediate level of language learning (we call it Level 3). Classes, food, accomodation, climate everything fine here as of now. The couse is partially funded.

We scholarship holders were asked to carry an amount to meet the expenses of at least one month. Moreover, we had to bear the flight charges from our own pocket. I didn't have sufficient money for all this. I had to borrow from home the amount for my to and fro air ticket. I really had a tough time with my family this time. It was very difficult to convince them about my plans (in fact "planlessness") for future. I did not go anywhere outside my house, did not visit any of my friends. In fact for the last two months I was facing a whole lot of techinical problems of life.

Now in Perugia, I have more time to spare. There are about 2500 students in this univsersity. All the 40-44 students in my class are non-Italians. We have 22 hrs of class every week, from Monday thru Friday. Academic work is not heavy. Only problem is to sustain oneself economically. I cook my food often alone and sometimes with my friends. A flat or room one avails on rent here will be fully furnished with kitchen, gas, and utensils. Water and electricity is assured for 24 hrs. The apartment is of the kind "Serviced Apartments" which I have seen in Delhi. We pay 200 Euros per month per head.

Climate here is more similar to Kerala than to Delhi. Temperature will not go above 32 degrees. We do not prespire at all. In short a good alcoholic weather. We do not have celing fans in our flat, surprising, no?

I will return to India in the beginning of October. During this period you can expect frequent updates...

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