Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Semester Is Over

After a brief period of hibernation, I am again back on blogger.

I completed my first semester; had to take three courses this semester; three more to go.

There is news from Kerala that monsoon has entered the south-west region of India. Rain in the last few days has been intense. One visible effect of monsoon is on our landline phone in Kerala. The voice is very feeble, as if the person at the other end is talking from a great distance.

University life here is amazing. Ours is a comparatively small and new School. What I liked the most here is the database facility available to each student. Everyone has a log-in username and password, with which s/he can access the databases through any PC inside or outside the campus (In the campus, there are plenty of computer terminals available at 7 to 8 libraries in total). Moreover, all full-time researchers have been provided with a PC and a seat in Researcher's office. JSTOR, the only online database available in JNU, is just one of the scores of journal stores subscribed by our university. So, you can imagine the real extent of the facility. I told some of my close friends, "if you have any article requirement, do let me know the title. Most of the articles in Social Sciences and Humanities are available in the databases here. If an article is available, I can download its PDF without any hassle." By the way, are you using any software for citation? Citation softwares markedly reduce the donkey work associated with citing sources manually. So, do try them. EndNote and KnightCite are some of the good ones.

Our office atmosphere is good. Campus is green; there are cafes and eateries at walking distances from any place inside the campus. Food prices are affordable and food quality is also very good.

Most of the students here stay at rented apartments or single rooms: 2 rooms plus one hall and a kitchen. While the liasee keep the master room for us, the second room has been rented out to someone living single. He's being charged one-third of the rent of the whole unit and the that much share of the electricity, water charges per month. The rooms, hall and kitchen are spacious enough and furnished for the most part - with refrigerator, TV, washing machine etc.

Conversely, I visited a couple of workers' dormitories as part of my field work. The place appears quite congested.