Monday, March 13, 2006

Quit my job last week

Quit my job last week. I had some trifle with my boss in the last few weeks of my five months career in this company. I was even given a Corrective Action Notice which said that I had been rude to my boss on several instances, didn't bother to stay back for meeting dead lines, was poor at learning new skills etc. All crap. They gave me 10 days to improve. On the third day I resigned. Giving the Corrective Action Notice to my friend to read, I said to him: "You will not read newspapers if you would know how similar is the narration of this notice and the narration of day to day news in dailies which we all are acquainted with. You would be surprised to learn what had really happened in the office and what is said in this document."

There is no reality other than the one produced in the narrative. The notice given to me was highly convincing, so is the narration of day to day news. What it lacks is a 'problem'. Not doing something or doing what is not told is, for me, not a 'problem' for language. Instead what gets problematized in language is only the disallowance of incorporating an interpretation. Language of 'Law', in this way, is perfect in its disallowance of voices outside its realm. This closure is the problem which needs to be addressed prior to anything. The rest, whether the person is a criminal or an impotent, is only a tool for the 'Law' to standardize its assertive statements.

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