Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Perugia life progresses

Here boredom is slowly creeping into our Italian life with an exception of routine wine and beer. One of the Indian students who came here on scholarship left for India just after one month saying that it's just a waste of time being here for three months. The syllabus of Level 3 programme is largely based on language learning and grammar. All in general. But Level 4 has specialisations in translation, culture and techno-economical. Level 4 is more challenging. Those who expect more from the course, but who do not have sufficient knowledge of Italian language will get caught in Level 3. Of course, one can choose one level up and get into Level 4. But it would be risky. In Level 3 classes are good but the lessons don't pose a challenge to you, which means it is the problem with the syllabus.

I didn't go anywhere outside Perugia. With a nominal amount of scholarship I do not want to spend any Euro on trips. It's true that Italy is a live museum of the world. But everything what you see around you is antique enough to take you to Periodo Etruscho, Periodo Romano and Periodo Medeovale. There is a Arch or Fort Door called Arco Etrusco, beside our university building. It was built a few centuries before Christ. What else, here one hardly finds an archaelogical building later than 12th Century AD. After a few days you will not be fascinated by the antiquity of the buildings. Firenze, Torino, Venezia, Napoli all the cities will have the same historic tales to tell. About the grandeur of early Catholic Church, about the conflict between the Church and the noble families, about medieval art, about Romans and their civil and military life. I avoid them knowingly.

What to say about World Cup 2006 celebrations. Public celebrations are the same anywhere in the world. Those who enjoy, enjoy. For me, who loves football not by watching others play but playing it myself, the game between Italy and France was important. France played better than Italy. I still have faith in Zidane and still think that he would not have been provoked unless something seriously had happened between Materazzi and him. I was supporting France during the final because it was frustrating to see Italian good-for-nothing fellows watching the game with a bottle of beer in their hand while their native or foreign girl friends, who do not know anything about the game, encouraging the Italian team only to convince their boy friends and to show them that they too are passionate about the game. Worse were the intentions of some of my Indian friends. Some of them told me that they took photos with European or American girls only to get a friendly kiss from them.. so pathetic.

One litre wine or beer costs only 0.50 Euros (of course, there are costlier ones). But a daily newspaper costs 1 Euro. Rates are all absurd here.

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