Friday, August 18, 2006

Gite Università per Stranieri

This post is aimed at providing information to those who would come to Università per Stranieri (University of Foreigners), Perugia - Italy to pursue course in Italian Language and Culture.

Tours are arranged to different parts of Italy all throughout the year. Indians who would be coming to this university mostly during the months of July, August and September can get a clear picture of the kind of tour packages offered to them.

Given below are the different tour-packages offered in August 2006.

Aug 6 Firenze (Florence): 40 Euro
Aug 12-15 Sicilia: 212 Euro
Aug 12 Todi e Orvieto: 27 Euro
Aug 16 Palio di Siena (city of horse-race): 27 Euro
Aug 19/20 Napoli-Pompei-Capri: 105 Euro
Aug 20 Ravenna: 38 Euro
Aug 26/27 Venezia e le Isole: 105 Euro
Aug 27 Roma-Musei Vaticani: 30 Euro

The rates do not usually include expenses on food except breakfast, but they often include accomodation charges and entry-ticket charges.

Address of the tour company that arranges the tours this year:

Giullis Viaggi - Via Fabretti, 35 Perugia
Tel: 075 5727666

You don't need to plan the trips ahead by calling from your home country. But you can of course plan your budget by studying the charge for each trip.

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