Sunday, January 22, 2006

E-tutoring and Me

Tutoring a junior college student during the training programme for E-tutors organised by an American 'essay editing outsourcing' company, I wrote: "If it's a real life incident, I'm sure you were actually writing the essay when you were going through the experience, which means, experiencing and writing are not two different things for you. That's really great!" The essay was about recalling an incident in which you found yourself at discomfort with your friend. The student wrote the essay with too much involvement and it seemed that he really experienced it.

What was that I wanted to convey through my comment? If experiencing and writing are no two different things, why does he need an editor at all? Can any of my experience be edited the way it is done in writing? And now the tragedy, While I was writing this post, and when I completed the first paragraph and started the second, the chief-editor called me to her cabin and told me expressing her concern that the American company has informed her that they will not be able to take me along with their training programme anymore. Howzzaat!!

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