Friday, January 13, 2006

Dreams as Omens

Has Freud mentioned somewhere in his 'Interpretation of Dreams' that dreams are not to be interpreted as omens? For Freud, dreams are good study tools which must be utilized to study human sub-conscious. In his framework, the role of an individual person is greater since many of the variations in one's dreams are decided by the person's wishes and fancies and the dream itself is felt to him personally. But if we consider dreams as a kind of archaic writing, the role of individual person is less. No matter who sees a dream, it is the kind of writing that decides the dream; a writing of the world with communicative symbols. In this way, although an individual is free to decide whether his dream must be considered an omen or not, the fact that dreams are involuntary and that they have the characteristics of writing restricts any kind of individual intervention with it. And if it is decided by communicative symbols, the dream is not for the individual. A dream is an omen for reason that, and in the sense that, it is existent only as an archaic writing which is supplemented with the meaning shared by the 'other' in a community.

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