Saturday, November 22, 2008

Content Writer for a BPO in India

In the first round of the selection process for the post of Content Writer in a BPO in Gurgaon, the candidates were asked to write in about 100-150 words about any one of the three topics given below:
  • Balanced diet is essential for a healthy life
  • Listening V/s Talking
  • Dogs are man's closest pets
I chose the second one and wrote an essay in 1 - 1 and a half hour. Though I was not shorlisted for the second round, I found the essay worth publishing in my blog. The essay has been reproduced here from memory.

Listening V/s Talking
Perhaps the dichotomy between these two characteristics of a human being has never been as evident in history as it is today. Human kind as a race has increasingly become self-assertive and persuasive in its approach to the world such that its members are more favorably inclined to talk than to listen. I should refrain from making a sweeping statement here, upholding the true spirit o our topic of discussion itself. However, I am sure it won't be completely out of context if I try to associate these two human activities with two different philosophies.
Listening negates the importance of one's 'self' and gives importance to the events and people around. Knowledge acquisition and to a greater extent, emotional satisfaction are the main objectives of listening, which is initiated by external sensory stimuli. One listens to people talking, to the chirping of birds and to all pleasant sound in nature. What more, many a poet has acknowledged that the most original of his/her works happened in lonliness and silence. One listens to silence too!
While listening is characterized by introspection aided by external stimuli, talking expound the philosophy of sharing. From the western school of 'Rhetori' to the eastern method of 'Tarkka Shastra' (the science of arguing), talking has prime importance in all human endeavors for knowledge. Talking clarifies doubts, helps to share knowledge and in most cases reassures everyone who is audience to it. Though listening and talking have equal importance in human life, due to the overemphasis given to the latter, human life faces a disequilibrium. Are we ready to unlearn what we have acquired from talk shows and empty election debates? Let's listen to our inner self for an answer.

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