Saturday, February 09, 2008

Diary Writings - Ubiquity

From the rented room in which I put up to the office where I work, I am distributed, diffused: in the staircases, verandas, along the road and over the two canals which I cross everyday on my way to office. As if this is not enough, there are other problems too, which are of equal concern to me. My spirit lingers around those who are known to me (of course, to ensure this I have to often think about them). This helped me understand that infinity might be incomprehensible but possible and that death is impossible.

Google might be the only contemporary who has found out the real possibility of this. Quite different from those third-rate paparazzi who stick their nose in anything and everything, I have noticed this formless coherence in a few cartoonists also. Google's actual genius is in showing neither any interest nor any disinterest in anything in the web world. You should be able to endure the aftermath of your own existence, your own being – that is what Google Ads are. They say: “Like a conscience, we're tattooed on you for ever. It's inevitable, ad infinitum. Till the time you exist you'll look at us for being convinced of your own existence”

Here, noises are the ones which behave in a totally indiscreet manner. Going high in volume or lowing down – I see this only as an attempt to attract attention. Owing to this property alone, contrary to what McLuhan said, noises always proclaim the sources they emanate from.

(Originally written in Malayalam. Translated to English by the author with modifications.)

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