Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Abraham from AP

Salvation is now closer home. In political parlance, it's the positive wind of multi-ethnicity which our country eagerly looks forward to in the recent period of religious fanaticism. Linguistically, it's again an attempt to find out the commonality of expression among a group of human beings; the laws that bind them together, the sanity which they ascribe themselves to. Historically, it's yet another truth with an explanation and/of evidence.

Salvation is coming closer home when we discover that Abraham, the forefather of many a Semitic religion, was dark, had a typical south Indian moustache and fed on vada-sambhar and dosa-chatni. Whether he was from Aluru or Gudduru is yet to be found out. But the important point is that he can now be an indigenous legendary icon who can help India's Semitic minorities take major stakes in their bargain with the age-old saffrons. But if the debate goes beyond the place of origin to that of oldness of origin, then there are fewer chances for the Abrahamic brigade to win. Let us, therefore, limit ourselves to space, rather than to time (for the time being) and say, salvation is now closer home.

Based on a news story in The Hindu

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