Monday, January 08, 2007

The Impact of Internet on our lives

The impact of internet on our daily lives.Before discussing this particular topic one has to define the most important part ofthis sentence ‘our’. Internet in India has not still penetrated to the ruralpopulation and for that reason the impact of internet in cities will be more whencompared to its impact on the rural population. Let’s make our discussion based on asample population in the cities who use internet at least 5 hours a week. With theadvent of internet newspapers, print newspapers have lost their status of beingproviders of timely news. An internet newspaper gets updated every half hour whichhelps its subscribers become highly up to date in current affairs. This would be themost important effect of internet on our day to day lives: we have become more up todate on current affairs. The second effect would be an increase in informationsharing. Free information, authentic and unauthentic, is available in the internetin such an extent that one is bombarded with information overload everyday. Inshort, internet has brought in a sea change in the knowledge scenario of humankind.

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